The Dialogs-Module

This module contains dialogues, which will query user input

pyparadigm.dialogs.string_dialog(caption: str, renderer: callable = <function _center_renderer>, el: pyparadigm.eventlistener.EventListener = None, text_renderer=<functools._lru_cache_wrapper object>)[source]

Will display a dialog which gets a string as input from the user. By default the dialog will be rendered to the screen directly, to control the target pass a callable as renderer which takes a single argument, which is an element tree. This will be called by string_dialog to display itself. You can pass an eventlistener instance, which will then be used in case you got some important permanent handlers that must be run. You can pass a function that converts a string to something that can be used within compose() with the text_renderer to control the optic of the text